Spooky Skincare Habits You Need To GHOST

Spooky Skincare Habits You Need To GHOST

Some habits are hard to break, especially when you don't realize the harm in them. Here are 9 spooky skincare habits that you need to GHOST!

 1. Not changing out pillowcases every week: At least once per week you should be putting fresh/clean pillowcases on your pillows. Dirty pillowcases are breeding grounds for bacteria that can cause breakouts!

2. Skipping moisturizer because you have oily skin: Since oily skin can still be dehydrated (lacking water) skipping moisturizer could cause your skin to produce even MORE oil. Opt for a gel moisturizer if you don’t like using creams.

3. Overexfoliating: you should only be exfoliating up to 3X per week. Exfoliating too much can wreck havoc on your skin barrier causing breakouts, sensitivity and irritation.

4. Not cleansing skin for a full 60 seconds: a lot of people simply do not cleanse their skin long enough. No matter what your current regimen is, it won’t give you the best results if you are constantly cleansing improperly. Also; if your cleanser dries out your skin by cleansing for a full 60 seconds that means you need a different cleanser. That does NOT mean to not cleanse for a full minute

5. Thinking vitamin c alone will fade your dark marks: vitamin c serums are great, but when it comes to hyperpigmentation, especially post acne marks? It simply will not cut it alone. Be sure to pair it with Niacinamide and/or AHAs for maximum results!

6. Sleeping in your makeup: YOU BET TF NOT!

7. Picking your face: Listen to me…you already know that picking on that spot is gonna lead to a dark mark so why are you doing it!? PLUS your hands are dirty. Keep ‘em out your face if you haven’t JUST washed them.

8. Leaving the tops/caps of your skincare products: People do this a lot. I’m even guilty sometimes and I know better but please don’t do this! Every time you use an item, put the cap back on! Don’t risk contaminating your product and/or making it go bad faster.

9. Using super hot water on your face and body: this can dry your skin out, compromise your barrier, dilate blood vessels and much more. I know how you all love your burning hot showers but for the sake of your skin, let’s not!

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